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    Normally I'm the one trying to give advice on videos but, with state approaching I am reaching out to anyone that is willing to help out. I'm the coach of the blue wrestler. I'll upload some more videos of him wrestling. He's one of only two entrants to our State tournament (the other is a female).

    thanks for any help you can give me.

    Round 1
    Round 2 Quarter Finals
    Round 3 Consolation
    Round 4 Consolation Quarters
    Round 5 Consolation Semis
    Coming soon. . .
    Round 5 consolation Finals
    Also coming soon
    Regional Finals our two of our biggest rivals. The wrestler in orange and black head and armed his way into the finals. he only has one move, if you can stay out of that you've got it made.
    sorry for some crappy video, I had one of our Junior High wrestlers shoot it for me and he got a bit too into the match at times.
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