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Thread: When is your State's state tournament?

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    Maryland Public Schools (MPSSAA) individual tournament is held at the University of Maryland's Cole Field House, March 6 and 7.

    Two divisions: 1A/2A and 3A/4A

    There is also a state dual meet championship that finished up last weekend.

    New England tournament March 6 and 7.
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    In Ohio sectionals are this weekend (2-20,21), followed by districts (2-27,28), and then state (3-5,6,7).

    The best clearinghouse site for the entire process is Baum's page:

    Expect on-site reports to varying degrees on Yappi,,, and JJHuddle.
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    Indiana's is starts Friday nite w/the Parade of Champions, which is awesome!!! then all day Saturday w/the finals under the lights at Conseco field house,, where INDIANA still crowns ONE state champ..... and the team finals next week end with 8 teams competing...ooooo and is going to cover it live,, and has great write up and coverage...

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    West Virginia- Feb.26-28 Huntington Big Sandy Superstore Center Arena, covered by

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    Ready for a headache?

    Arizona 2A and 3A was held this past weekend. 3A will hold the dual version this coming Saturday (very anti-climatic I'm not going and the team in my town is in it).

    Arizona 4A-I, 4A-II, 5A-I, and 5A-II holds their individual tournament this coming Saturday (this is where I will be instead of the dual thing). I have lost track of where all of the above divisions do their duals, or even if all of them do. If they do, it will be the following weekend.

    On the good side, a sloth slow, fairly weak, and with very little athletic ability, kid I coached (and lost me more than a few hairs because he was very frustrating) since he was nine until he went to HS, took third in 3A to everybodies surprise but mine. The kid is long, ans uses it well by finally getting around to doing what I coached him to do as a youth wrestler (positioning positioning positioning), and as a result kept himself in matches scoring opportunistic points even if it seemed he was out matched. He always had the potential.... he won a few matches in JH states with a very tough draw, and took second in FS state one year as a schoolboy or novice. His dad was in tears thanking me. It is moments like that which keep me in the sport.
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    Iowa runs tomorrow 2/18 thru Saturday 2/21. The predicament covers it pretty well.

    For results check out
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    New York is Feb 27-28 in Albany, NY. We have 2 divisions should be one.

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