I won district and was seeded third at regionals at 171 lbs. The first match I gassed out and lost it, i got taken down in over time. The second match I won 12-0 it was really easy. The third match we went 0-0 in the first round, I almost took him down. Second round I picked bottom, the guy cradled me, and his arm was wrapped around my neck so hard I had absolutely no oxygen at all, I was choking so bad I tapped but my back wasn't completely flat, so while I was tapping the ref never counted the pin, I was so close to passing out like 5 seconds later i would have, i bit my tongue so hard today it's numb, the whole thing. I was eliminated the first day. Two guys I had previously beaten both advanced to the second day, one also getting eliminated and the other making it for forth place to state. I am so disappointed with myself I didn't accomplish my goal of making it to state, I'm severely pissed off with myself. I wish to wrestle in college but there isn't much here in Texas. Anyways, I'm done with my rant, it was a good season. I am now 29-4. Peace.