Let's began my story...
I joined wrestling practice very late in the season, so I missed all the basics etc. I kept going to practice everyday there was practice, for around a month. In practice, I still am unable to accomplish a take down during live wrestling. I am beginning to question myself, if I progressed at all since that first day.

When the whistle blows (during practice), I find myself wondering what to do, I know the techniques or what they are at least, but I never seem to find any opportunities. When I attempt my shots (very few attempts, at that), they fail and my face is on the mat.

Eventually, through a few seconds of struggle, I end up on my back or whatever position my partner wishes to put me in. Any attempts to resist seem to futile. Hopeless, I think to myself. Now, after each day of practice my will to resist decreases more and more.

Do I want to wrestle? Yes, I like the sport, both as a spectator and participant. Do I want to win? Of course, but with little knowledge of basics, can I?

In the summer there will be practice, and the coach(s) will go over the basics.
As of now, practice for me is basically conditioning, but it seems to lack purpose.

Should I continue to wrestle the remainder of the school year?

Thanks for reading
any advice, etc would be greatly appreciated.