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That chin drop he gave you off the switch I have done to kids before, its cheap but sometimes it works for two. You need a stronger base when you are on bottom. I will give you credit as you fought off your back a few times in the video. Not sure what the hell you were doing at the start of the last period here with your tap dancing but he just bull rushed you, got you in double unders and took you over.
Lolz, did it really look like tap dancing? What was bad about it, can you be more clear?

I tend to be good at fighting off my back too.

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What was that move at the end he did on you?
Grapevine I believe? Don't quote me on that though.

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Did he lose a team point for taking his headgear off on the mat? (or is that not a national rule?)
No points were lost. Never heard that you can't take your headgear off on the mat after the match though.