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Thread: What wins state championships?

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    What usually does it most for people to make them advance? I'm guessing technique and cardio. I'm doing alright but my level of skill isn't anything near the videos i'm seeing of former texas state wrestling champs at 171. I wan't to make it this year real bad, but at regionals you've got to wrestle sometimes five matches in one day. I wrestled one guy who made it to regionals last year at one of our tournaments this year and barely won, i was so tired i could barely breathe, much less do that five times in one day. What's the secret here? Anyways, i guess there's not much left to do since district starts this Friday and ends this Saturday. I'm good for district, I'm seeded first, but for regionals I need help from God. Anyways, peace and sorry for such repetitive posts (i guess they are).

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    the guys i was around back in my day were serious technicians. i didn't know a single state champ that got there by conditioning or strength alone. you had to have all three really. or you loose to the guy that has all three if you only have two. so i'd say, technique, strength and conditioning are key. by working out non stop on the technique the strength and conditioning follow.
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    One important factor in tournament wrestling is your mind set. Never look past anyone in the first few rounds, but prepare mentally for every match like it's the finals. If you don't wrestle each match like it's your last, it may be.
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    thanks for the advice, very true. keep them coming.

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