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    i am in 10th grade and last summer while wrestling i hurt my back really bad, i have been out ever since then and it is just starting to get better, you can imagine not wrestling for 6 months how bad i want to wrestle now. i want to get back into it now and wrestle with my team but there is only 3 weeks left in the season. i have not done anything physical up to this point so you can say that i am out of shape, i was thinking of going to practice this week an just doing cardio on the bikes and the next 2 weeks wrestling. many people are telling me to just condition myself for off season wrestling and not go back to my team practices until next season. i would rather wrestle the remainder of the season with my team but i am not sure what to do. any ideas/ advice is appreciated.


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    I hurt my back in a car accident and tried to come back to soon, which was a big mistake. I ended up not being able to wrestle even longer because i tried to come back at the end of a season. So i know where you comming from. I think it would do you some good to be around your team, but i think your best bet is to do some cardio and lots of stretching. Give it a week or two of that and then start off with some light drilling which will give you a good idea on how your back really is. If you take things slow you will most likely have a good off season in which to work on the things you missed durrng the season and to get your self back into shape and be ready for your next season. Good luck

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