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    With it being January, our Team's Wrestling season is slowly coming to and end. The Thing is I may have ended my season already and I don't quite know how to feel, I'll explain

    Our Schedule has us with 4 Dual Meets left, and Then 1 Tournament. Now this Tournament isn't just any Tourney, Its the biggest Tournament outside of Regionals and its held at this school called Brentwood. Its a 2 day Tournament with it all being a Varsity, JV, and Freshmen

    Now what had happened was at the beginning of this week our Coach told us that he wasn't taking any JV to dual meets this whole month which meant that Brentwood was your time to Wrestle besides challenging Varisity for a chance at Regionals.

    Now as I had previosly said in one of my rearlier posts I've slowly lost the interest in Wrestling. It wasn't the weight cutting or constanly being sore, I've just lost the love for the sport. When I'd go to a tournament I wouldn't feel like wrestling at all, sometimes it sort of felt kind of like dread somewhat. When I'd win a match, I'd just be like "eh" and when I'd lose I would be kind of "eh..." and so I've really been waiting for the season to end and I've decided that I'm not going to contuine wrestling for my Juniour Year.

    I'm saying all of this because the rules at Brentwood said that you can have only 3 people per weight class (1 Varisty, 1 JV, and 1 Freshmen). Now I had held the spot of 135 JV pretty much all season so I was automatically designated a spot, but what had happened was the 140 JV James decided to cut down to 135 and challenge me and I lost. So does that mean my Season is over?

    I talked to my coach and he said that because I did lose my wrestle-off He'd have to give my spot to James, but he said that he could put me as an Alternate and hope that I can get fit in somewhere but he doubts that I would and so I would have to spend 2 days in the stands which I wouldn't really mind. So the thing is like, he's pretty much giving me the option to contuine my season for one more week for a small % chance to have one shot. And Part of me is like "Well, your finally finished, go stuff your face your finally allowed to eat some food start hitting the weight room" while the other half is saying that I should stick to my diet for one more week, and decide to go to finish out my season in a blaze of glory even though I'm probably not going to enjoy it even if I do get a spot..
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    If you take a break from wrestling (very very small break), then your love for wrestling will be renewed. Stick with the diet and soon you'll start wanting to wrestle again. If you go stuff your face, you might end up regretting you ended your season early later on..

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