Is it better to explode as soon as the whistle blows and get hand control or fight hands once your up or is it better to stay down for a few seconds and get hand control and come up?

The reason I ask is because my dad taught me to explode up and get hands as you start to explode and cut away, touch the mat when you're clear. But yesterday I was working out with my HS coach, and he didn't like the way I was doing my stand ups. He told me to stay on bottom for a few seconds, bring both elbows back, palms down so they couldn't get inside, and even told me to put my head down for a few seconds while I fought hands and then come up. My other coach taught me the same way my dad did, but I just don't like this new way, but if it's better, then I'll start using it.

And, if the head down, hand control, come up method is better than how do you break someone down who does that? When I wrestle my coach I feel like I can't do anything and end up coming over the arms and he escapes, how do I beat this?