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    well i just found out today that i either bruised my ribs or cracked a couple and i have a match tomorrow i really want to wrestle but i don't know if i can what should i do? any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

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    ask your coach for advice.

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    i talked to my coach he told me to just get it done quick i went out today and pinned my guy in the first 30 secs.

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    It is amazing how healing a really quick pin can be! Congrats on the win.
    In the long term, it really falls on you to decide the difference between an injury and an owie. You will, across time, have lots of hurts. They are different than injuries. You need to have an open enough channel of communication with your coach that you can discuss how you are. If you are injured, you probably need to sit out practice for a while, and maybe some bouts, until you are healed. If you hurt, that is different. You are going to hurt. Wrestling through hurts is different than wrestling when injured. The difference is the long term effect. You hurt when you have bad bruises. You can do long term damage when you try to compete with a sprain or strain.
    Back in the dark ages, when I played football, I played the second half of a game taped up after cracking three ribs in the second quarter. Today a coach would probably be sued for everything he owned for trying that. That doesn't mean I was tougher than players today - it means that my coach and I were dumber.
    You have to decide weither you are healthy enough to wrestle. You can do it with the assistance of your coach and/or your trainer, but the eventual decision is up to you. You are the guy that is going to have to walk on those knees, bend those elbows, flex those fingers. Take care of yourself. When wrestling is done, you have a long life ahead of yourself.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    thank you

    yea i know what you mean my dad was the same way when he wrestled he didn't care if he was hurt or injured he was gonna wrestle and now he's paying for it with a couple herniated vertebrae but he says it was all worth it and that he would do it all again if h could

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