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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Shirtaugh View Post
    11 years of wrestling experience and the grammar of an 11 year old. Although your spelling of the word "doubt" may offend some 5th graders..
    hahahahaha, yeah I'm pretty sure my Kindergarten brother and 1st grade sister can spell doubt right.

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    Sometimes the hardest part is just getting dressed for practice and stepping on the mat.

    The thought of pushing your body to its physical limits on a certain day me not seem appealing. But once you warm up and the juices get flowing, you will forget all about those negative thoughts and have a great workout.

    Having tough workout partners helps too. Guys seem to work hard when their choices are go hard or get broken.

    Fear is a great motivator.

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    ^^ thanks

    And to the other,grow up.. I spelled "doubt" wrong and you people act like Im Making a racist comment or something.. WHO CARES?
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    Well some kids on the team say they have to do work if they are failing. For some its true but other times its just an excuse to get out. It's pitiful.

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    This kid seems to have gotten his answer.

    So in the interest of not having people continue to pile on him I'm locking this thread.

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