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Discuss finishing am drags at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; what do you guys think are the highest percentage arm drag finishes?...
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    Default finishing am drags

    what do you guys think are the highest percentage arm drag finishes?

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    Default Re: finishing am drags

    Arm drags are my favorite from the tie up. Dragging then going elbow deep, like a High C with a lift works, or just switching into a double from there. Arm drags into snatch singles or doubles - you don't even need to go to your knee just single or double tackle. You could always go to your knee if your more comfortable there, I do both. Or you can reach around the waist once your drag and pull them down, I'm very good at this finish but my coach is pretty good at it.

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    My favorite finish is just going straight to a sweep single on the same side you hit the arm drag. If he circles away in an attempt to counter the arm drag, you can hit a knee pull single to the far leg.

    Another good one is a boot-scoot single leg finish, shown in this video here: How to Arm Drag to Boot Scoot Video
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    this is probably my least used move but when I do I finish it with just the drag. I usually wait till my opponent starts stepping to put their weight on just one foot. it's more like a surprise, you know you are walking behind someone and you just kick their back foot behind the other leg? that is pretty much what my arm drag is like. i am a left leg lead, so i would drag with my right hand (to my opponents right arm) and slide my right foot into my opponent's lower right shin. you drag the arm downward and away from your body, if done correctly you and your opponent land on your right side with your opponents back facing towards you. this is probably the least favored by coaches but I coach at the high school level and it works well at that level. the reason I do it like this is b/c wrestlers only use the arm drag as a setup and most don't expect someone to take them down with just an arm drag. it's pretty safe to do it like this if you know how to correctly sweep someones leg at the lower part of their shin. I do martial arts too so the sweep is pretty natural to me. problem with the way I do my arm drag is that if your in the 2nd and 3 period it becomes next to impossible to do.

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    The arm drag is my favorite takedown, and I do it very much like rogueagent08, but with a few modifications. I am dragging his right arm with my right arm..

    1. Grab his right wrist with your left hand. You can even just dangle your left wrist out as bait and do the move when he grabs your wrist.

    2. Pull his right wrist across your body and grab his right triceps with your right hand (thumb and fingers all together). At the same time step your right foot between his feet.

    3. Pull his right shoulder into the center of your chest and lock it there.

    4. These steps are crucial: drop to your right hip - NOT your butt cheek, but where your side pocket is. Do NOT allow any space to develop between his right shoulder and your chest. If you rotated your hips properly as you went down, he should hit the mat next to you, not on top of you.

    5. Elevate your left leg to prevent a step-over, scoot your hips away, and come around behind for control. Your hip motion and spin behind are just like a switch.
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