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    Being about 6'6'' it can be hard getting a good level change and shot against shorter guys, and tips?

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    Snap downs and moves off a quarter nelson or front headlock will work for you because your legs will be too far away for him to grab.
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    Try some arm drags. Also, my long, lanky types have had some success with ankle picks.

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    heel pick the shit outa them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wresler4 View Post
    heel pick the shit outa them.
    I agree with all 3 of the previous posts. You should really be working there heads looking for snap downs and front headlocks. This will not only put you in better position to score but will also get the guy your wrestling tired. After you have worked his head for a bit then you can start going for some ankle picks, and knee taps. Don't forget underhooks, especially if you can get double unders and jack them up because they will be off ballance and easier to throw or takedown. If you use one underhook then use it to set up your front headlock, just snap them down with your hook in and then look for a cement mixer or just lock the front headlock up.

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    simmons used the tripod stance effectively against shorter guys and almost all were shorter guys. what was he about 6 foot at 125? all the moves discussed work well and can be executed from the tripod. but mostly its a good way to protect your legs while you are closing the distance.
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