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    Hi my name Brandon Capaldi.... I wrestle at cherokee high school im 5-2 this season. I took 3rd in pine barrons and 5th at holy cross tournament... i joined here to talk about wrestling because i want to go somewhere with it hopefully reach college... um the losses i have came to no other then anthony saulle at 171... im usually 160 but my descent plan has me at 71 untill jan. 18th... im glad i joined this site... here some of my questions im 5'7 1/2 legs good to get to know? i always end up in a turk cause that what cherokee been teaching... im a junior btw... first year varsity cause i been sittin behind guys like kyle packer who is at newberry now and has a record in goal is to get to wrestle 60 and win districts or place...second ? is what you think of anthony baldasora?? i think he is good wrestler but i heard some things that could be true that he is a arrogant person and use to leave delsea's practices.. and last saulle state champ??? thanks and happy new years ya i know late and thanks ..
    sincerely brandon

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