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State College senior Scott Bosak finished fifth at the PIAA Class AAA Championships.

He finished fifth again three weeks later at the National High School Coaches Association Championships. The performances convinced Bosak to re-evaluate his wrestling future.

?I saw a new me when I wrestled at states and nationals that I had never seen before,? he said. ?I feel like if I can build off and learn from those two tournaments I have a very high potential.?

Enter a place where his older brother, Steve, is flourishing. Scott has orally committed to wrestle at Cornell. Bosak will join the Big Red after a redshirt season that includes classes at nearby Tompkins Cortland Community College and training with the Finger Lakes Wrestling Club. The community college is 15 minutes from Cornell?s Ithaca, N.Y., campus and represents the starting point for the college careers of multiple Big Red wrestlers.

When he arrives at Cornell full-time, Bosak expects to join a familial atmosphere. Steve recently finished his sophomore season at Cornell and will be a senior in 2012-13. His older sister, Kelly, attended nearby Ithaca College.

?It made that much more comfortable,? Scott said. ?There will be no awkward stage. It?s the place I wanted to be.?

The Big Red?s most recent pickup intrigues their All-American 184-pounder.

?I?m excited for him,? said Steve, who reached the NCAA semifinals. ?It?s a great place to be. I wouldn?t want anything less for my brother. It?s going to present a good opportunity for him. He will have an impact on our team. He?s really going to help us.?

Scott ended his high school career at 140 pounds. But he?s plotting a growth spurt that resembles his the one Steve experienced. Scott wrestled at 152 while winning a Pennsylvania Amateur Wrestling Federation Greco-Roman title last month. He said he?s trying to gain weight, which means he could eventually land anywhere from 165 to 184 pounds. Scott stands 5-foot-8, an inch smaller than Steve did when he completed high school in 2008. Steve, who know stands 5-11, ended high school at 160 pounds.

?I?m trying to gain weight,? Scott said. ?I don?t want to be a small quick guy anymore. I want to get up to 174 or even 184 pounds.?

Scott?s stature worked fine at State College. A three-time PIAA qualifier, he wrestled his best as a senior, finishing 37-7 and capturing District 6 and Northwest Regional titles. He was recruited by multiple Division I and II schools, but said watching Cornell finish second at this year?s NCAA Championships ?sealed the deal.? Cornell coach Rob Koll, a State College graduate, closely followed Scott?s progress throughout this past season.

?It was more questions like, ?Do you think he wants to come here? Do you think he?s interested?? Steve said. ?I figured he would be after talking to him a few times. It?s a wholesome atmosphere up here with friendly guys. The team meshes well and there?s a lot of camaraderie.?

Steve has played a major role in shaping Scott?s career. But they are far from clones.

?We are different wrestlers,? Scott said. ?My dad says I?m more agile and quicker and better at scrambling and he says Steve is more of a stay-in-a-solid-position wrestler. He has basic moves. I get in weird positions.?

Still, there?s a similarity that should benefit Scott.

?Coach Koll was pretty pleased with one aspect ? he carries intensity,? Steve said. ?That?s a Bosak wrestling trait.?