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    I was wondering how you guys cope with your nervousness before a match or whatever.. no I'm not new,but I get extremely nervous for some reason anymore.. any help except,listen to music and try not to think about it would be greatly appreciated.

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    When I was wrestling, I got very nervous before a match, but as soon as that first whistle blew, I was relaxed and focused. Also, I did my best when I was nervous before a match, and didn't wrestle well when I expected an easy match and wasn't psyched. Everyone is different, but that's how it was with me.
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    I would jump rope and simulate moves on a spare mat before the match.

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    Redefine the nervousness.

    Keep in mind that anxiousness is not real. You can't actually reach out and touch anxiousness. Humans create anxiousness.

    So, with that in mind, redefine your "nervousness" as "anticipation;" make it an enjoyable feeling. Butterflies in your stomach is nervousness too, but few describe them as unpleasant. That's because we define them as "anticipation," rather than "nervousness."

    It will take some time, but don't give up on this formula. It will work.
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    It's normal to be nervous before your match, everyone normally is, just dont let it get to you in a negative way. You should develop a self talk you give yourself before your match, alot of people have different ones, i normally tell my self he hasn't worked as hard as me, im in better shape than him, he cant hold me down, i want it more than him. and other positive thoughts.

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    Just get mad.

    It is that simple, if your smart you take that overly simplistic phrase and make sense of it and get it to work for you rather than throwing the idea off the side.

    Before my match I always have my rock music on and I make myself aggressive. I just do it. I just know how to control my feelings. If I don't do that, I get nervous.
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