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Discuss wrestling at my potential at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I started wrestling as a sophomore. I am a senior this year, and season is ...
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    I started wrestling as a sophomore. I am a senior this year, and season is about half way through. My first year of wrestling wasnt the greatest as i didnt know much of anything. I won a few matches here and there but got put out at just about every tournament we went to. That summer I went to two of the toughest camps around, and I felt that permanent change. I approached my junior year with high hopes and possibly even qualifying for the state tournament. I trained hard, but still, season was just mediocre. I ended up going with a .500 record of 16-16. I ended up taking 3rd at sub-regionals and 6th at regionals. top 4 go to the state tournament in my state. I was disappointed, but anxious for the next season. That summer I went to the same intensive camp and did a lot better. I lifted all spring, summer, and fall. I went to open mats and freestyle practices as much as I could. When this years season approached, I was more driven and excited to wrestle then anyone on my time, and i knew it. I am currently ranked 8th in the state at my weight and division, but my expectations are higher. For the first time i felt i was going to not only do well, but dominate. I have been training really hard, and doing what extras I can after practice, and on sundays etc. Now to my real problem: I realized that I am still not wrestling to my potential. My coaches and teammates often ask or wonder why I dont wrestle in my matches the same as I do in the practice room. My response is simply "I havent figured that out yet." I was just wondering if there is anyone that has any advice for me, because it just makes me upset when i see my teammates around me succeeding like they should and yet im not the way i want to be even though ive put in the extra hours and workouts, and all other sacrifices. any help would be great. Thanks.

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    its hard to really know why some people wrestle differently live than in practice. there are guys that get demolished in practices that just show up and dominate in real matches. just step on the mat with the mentality that you did all this training and preparing, and someone needs to pay for it.

    you've obviously been doing many things right. good luck with your senior season, finish strong!

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