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Discuss Pre-Match/Post-Match Routine at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Pre-Match: In terms of before I'm in the hole, what should I eat to get ...
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    Default Pre-Match/Post-Match Routine

    Pre-Match: In terms of before I'm in the hole, what should I eat to get my energy up? When in the hole, I've heard that it's good to start sweating before you get out on the mat for our match. What's the best way to do this in a short amount of time? Also, I'm having trouble getting psyched up enough/intense enough for the match (I'm too relaxed sometimes and I turn out not being physical enough during my matches). What can I do to address these issues?

    Post-Match: I've heard its best to keep jogging and cool down gradually instead of throwing yourself onto the bleachers and taking a nap. What do you reccomend doing after my match so that my body recovers quickly and correctly?

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    Muscles need oxygen and fuel in order to work. Fuel is stored in the body. Your body needs to become aware that it has to produce extra fuel for the muscles, then release the fuel. The fuel needs to be transported by the blood stream to the muscle cells. This all takes a little time. Also, the blood stream needs to become oxygenated - you need to be breathing a little deeper, demanding a little bit more of the cardio-pulmanary system. This needs to happen BEFORE you step on the mat. Otherwise you are spending the first couple of minutes waiting for the body to get caught up. Move around a little before your match. Watch some of the other wrestlers. There are "dances" they do to get warmed up. Shadow wrestle. See your opponent in front of you, MOVE to get your set up, take a shot. Take a shot, then a reshot. Do some hip-hiest drills, or some stand ups, while visualizing real-match situations (with you winning the move, of course!) These will not only get the blood moving, but should help get you into the mental set. Try pummelling with a coach, or with a teammate. This also can help you get into the mind set.
    Not that any of my wrestlers actually do it, I always recommend stretching after a match. Cool down stretches have been shown to be very effective in preventing injuries. Also, there have been a couple of studies that showed that chocolate milk is a better between match drink than either water or sports drinks. I haven't really tried this, but I have read it in a couple of sources.

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    To get psyched up for a match I always put on rock songs on my MP3. Just think of how hard you've trained, how about you want this, and how you are going to rip his freaking head off (lolz not literally). Get mad and it will be that much easier to be aggressive. But not mad to the point where you rush in and do stupid stuff. Just mad enough that you will be aggressive and give it your best.

    Before the match make sure you warm up good and get your blood flowing. That will give you a better performance on the mat. And an hour before your match make sure you eat a peanut butter sandwich. It will also help your performance and give you much needed energy for the match. Peanut butter is good because it is fatty which gives you some quick energy. And the sandwich itself (bread) has a lot of carbohydrates for some slow-gradual released energy.

    Post-match, take a quick portion of a much needed peanut butter sandwich for a much needed supply of fuel after your (should be) very physically demanding bout. And you don't want to take a nap because that can considerably slow you down.

    Hope that helps, I have to go to sleep now because I got practice early in the morning.
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    Default Re: Pre-Match/Post-Match Routine

    before every meet/tournament i make sure i get a sweat going when we warm up as a team. I usually "float" takedowns (just penetrate but don't finish the shot) then i go to real takedowns, then i do some top moves and bottom moves, then i do three live go's from neutral. the whole time i'm in my full sweatshirt, sweatpants etc. This helps me get a good sweat. Right before my matches i get up and walk around with my ipod and get myself mentally prepared, then i bounce it out real good and some shadow wrestling and i'm ready to hit the mat. To me how i wrestle is completely dependent on my mental mindset

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    Default Re: Pre-Match/Post-Match Routine

    It looks like everyones been giving good prematch stuff so Ill try some post match stuff. Well sandwichs are always a good choice, as are oranges and some gatorade along with maybe a ClifBar type thing. But the best part about those are that while youll get energy back, it isnt a whole lot (as long as you dont go nuts...) so you can make weight the second day of the tournament which is also important. Then stretching after is always good too.

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