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    Does anyone have any comments on kids moving to different towns to get better or to make at team better.

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    I think it's fine if the move is done to give the student athlete the best possible situation to get noticed by college scouts and improve their academic surroundings.

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    That is what I want to do because I can be better if I move into a different team. But I can never leave all my friends behind, and plus, its not my choice to move or not. It is my parents. And we haven't moved out of the city since 7-8 years and probably never will.
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    I don't have a problem with it...

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    I think it's fine if you are going to get a better education as well. If academics are the same then it should be ok. It would suck to have to make new friends and working with coaches and what not. Just depends if you can adapt easily.

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    No problem...this is America. Nobody would say anything at all if a kid needed to move to excel in musical interest, or academic. Sports, in today's society can be a means to attain all other goals. Academic, financial or otherwise. If your pursuit is to be the best at something you are passionate about, then I say go for it.

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    this topic only gets kinda sticky when a coach influences a kid to move "recruiting"

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    Any individual has a right to move wherever they want for whatever reason.

    Any state athletic agency has the right to set their own rules to maintain a competive balance.

    Any school district has the right to choose whether they want to belong to the state athletic association. But if they join, they should abide by the rules in place.

    If an agency says you can't move for athletic intent or deny a transfer eligibility, it's because their primary consideration is maintaining the competitive balance.

    An athlete denied eligibility is not prevented from pursuing wrestling activities. He just cant compete for the high school team.

    The rules are simple.

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    I have a huge problem with kids moving to other schools for sports. If kid moves for academic reasons I am fine with it but not for athletics. If the kid is good he is good and he can work out in the off season with whoever he or she wants. Students that move for purely athletic reasons should lose a year of eligibility, if it can be proven that is why they moved.

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