Apparently their coaching staff allowed ineligible wrestlers to wrestle (I don't know if ineligible meant because of grades or where they lived in the district or age) and some of those wrestlers to live with assistant coaches. So the Florida board gave them a $57,000 fine, which sounds terrible enough in these times especially for a high school, but the technical original fines amounted to $280,000 but included some fines for the womens volleyball team. The entire coaching staff was fired on the spot according to he link to the Florida paper I read and the AD will not be renewed when his contract ends, the volleyball coach was also fired.

I had a lot of respect for Oviedo honestly didn't think they had anything fishy going on, and while this isn't as bad to me as recruiting the kids from other states and letting them live where ever it is still a terrible thing for the sport. I am extremely happy to see a state care enough to do a real investigation and fire coaches and issue fines when wrongs have been done that have hurt the sport and kids. Too many people put too much time and effort into doing things the right way in this sport to have a few do everything the wrong way and get the glory.