I Remeber my first wrestling match, i was the happiest man on the planet after i went through that grueling three periods and came out on top. Then we went to our next few matches, and somehow i managed to come out 5-0 in league matches JV. Then, a terrible thing happened, our 130 varsity droped to 125 and beat the 125 varsity, and the 125 varsity beat me for JV. So, i was forced to drop weight to wrestle. What i did, was i wrestled off knowing i would make weight the next day 8 pounds off, i ended up making 119 Var and i was proud of myself until later that night i checked the scale to see i actually weighed 130... So all night and all day before the match i cut the weight until i was 121, due to the two pound allowance that had came in to factor that week. Well, i went to that match very confident, and what ended up happening was me not being able to wrestle the way i do for 3 periods. I wrestled the 1st period and was up 4 points, and the it hit me, i went bottom, and when i tried to explode upward i seemed alot more weakend then beforehand. I lost that match by pin, and everyone knew why.

Now, lets fast foward to league finals, so i go in 7-1 two wins are varsity and i wrestle 119 varsity again, but i am of course in much better health than last time. I don't know how this happened but i am completely deafeated my first match, i got dominated the 1st period and then pinned the 2nd. So, im warming up for my next match, and i go in and i destroy this kid for the 1st 2/3rds of the match, the come time for 3rd period with 30 seconds left on his hand he pins me. That was the end of my season that could have ended somewhere better for me.

Well this year i wrestle 135 and by the time we make it to our first match i catch a nasty case of ring worm, and i decided to take 3 days off and try to cure it but my coach didn't approve of that and kicks me off the team. Now i really don't know what to do next year, im taking 3 AP classes, not english if you are asking. I really want to wrestle next year but i don't know if i have the drive anymore, i will work myself out untill then and get into great shape so that before season i can learn more should i want to join again.