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Thread: Readying up for State???

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    Default Readying up for State???

    What are some ways to get ready for state? I could help with losing a lil more fat and gaining as much muscle as possible. This will be my first year at state. It is in feb. but i need to be getting ready now. Any diets, weight lifting prograns, etc. would help.

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    Work on your moves. Live wrestle ALOT. Act like every match is the state title match.

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    Lots of cardio.Alot of close matches are lost because the gas tank runs dry in the 3rd period.

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    Wrestle, Wrestle, Wrestle!
    Go hard at practice and any chance you get to do more conditioning do it. Same goes with lifting. And get good rest. You don't want to end up wrestling at state sore or even hurt.

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    Dont lift too much. A wrestling diet doesnt support building muscle. Just maintaining it.

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