<SMALL>Thu Mar 3, 2011 6:41 AM</SMALL> Indian Creek's Reese stands above rest

By Michael Pointer
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Indian Creek High School's Trey Reese is the 2011 Indianapolis Star Super Team Wrestler of the Year from the Indianapolis area.</ p>
<SMALL>Indian Creek's Trey Reese celebrates his pin against Perry Meridian's Logan Cooper in the 215-pound class Saturday.</SMALL>

Despite wrestling with the lingering effects of an ankle injury suffered during the football season, Reese went 32-0 and won the 215-pound state title after finishing fifth at 160 as a junior.
He became the first wrestler to pin all four of his opponents at the state finals since Gibson Southern's D.J. Radnovich in 1998.
College choice: Marian University to play quarterback. Reese was also a member of the Star's football Super Team last fall after leading Indian Creek to its first regional championship.
Wrestler he would most like to face: "Probably Brent Metcalf. He was (an) NCAA champion at Iowa and he's a stud. He's always putting pressure on you. He never stops. He just wrestles a brutal style, , and I would like to see what it's like to wrestle him."
Craziest superstition: "I put my wrestling shoes on, on the mat every time instead of in the bleachers or in the locker room. I started doing that last year at Connersville and I won that tournament. I just kept doing it."
How he dealt with his ankle injury during the season: "Ice in a bucket with water pretty much became my medicine. That feeling of putting your foot in the ice is the worst for the first couple of minutes."
Best moment outside of wrestling: "Definitely this year against Heritage Hills (in football) on that sprained ankle, the week after I did it. I'll probably remember that forever."
Reese was not cleared to play until two hours before game time but led the Braves to a 35-17 Class 3A sectional semifinal victory.
Favorite subject: "Economics. I just like learning a lot about the economy. It's not going too well right now and I want to learn some ways to improve it."
Teacher that had the biggest impact on him: "Corey Scott, my eighth-grade language arts teacher at Indian Creek Middle School. I kept in touch with her and now I work for her as a teacher's assistant. We became good friends and she's always been there when I needed her. She treats me like a son."
Where he sees himself in 15 years: "Hopefully, running my own athletic training club so I can train younger athletes."
What it feels like to be a state champion: "I just got chills whenever you said that. It's insane."

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