Members of the Ohio Wrestling Community:

We am thrilled and honored to announce that we will be streaming the first-ever full-length live broadcast of the 2011 OHSAA State Wrestling Championships next week. We will be broadcasting the entire tournament from the first preliminary bouts to the final awards presentations. Along with this live broadcast from press row, we will also be airing live interviews directly from the OHSAA interview room. Our online audio broadcast is free of charge for anyone and everyone who would like to tune in. We will also have a chat room set up so that we are able to read listeners' questions and feedback while on the air.

This broadcast is the beginning of a new partnership between media outlets to provide the Ohio wrestling community with the best coverage possible. Kevin Schlosser of and feature writer Ben Golden will be prominently featured this weekend. My co-host will be Pat Costilow, one of the integral media members of The Ohio Wrestling Network and my former co-host on the weekly Ohio Wrestling Radio broadcast. I would be remiss if I didn't thank Scott Casber of Takedown Wrestling Media for his help in getting this off the ground and Live Sports Video for hosting our live stream. Everyone working together to make an excellent product is truly a great thing!

Links to the broadcast and chat room will be featured on The Ohio Wrestling Network (, Buckeye Wrestling (, Takedown Wrestling Media ( and Live Sports Video ( on Thursday as we preview the wrestling before the first preliminary bouts begin at 3:00 p.m.

Dan Cosimi
The Ohio Wrestling Network

Kevin Schlosser
Buckeye Wrestling