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Thread: How does "shadow wrestling" work?

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    Default How does "shadow wrestling" work?

    The off season wrestling team I am going to join isn't starting for about a month or two and I feel myself losing some of my skill that I had when I had practice every day, so I read about Shadow Wrestling. Shadow boxing is basically boxing an invisible opponent, but how does shadow wrestling work? A key to wrestling is putting pressure on your opponent, but if your opponent is invisible, how do you do that? Should I just not do shadow wrestling matches and just practice skills like penetration steps? I have a punching bag on the ground, should I just use that to practice spins and similar stuff? It is a little large in circumference, but I will be able to work something out.
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    Default Re: How does "shadow wrestling" work?

    Shadow wrestling is usually for the neutral position, except for stand ups and other escapes/reversals.

    Practice circling in your stance for a minute.
    Practice circling in your stance and sprawls for a 1:30
    Practice circling in your stance with a sprawl, and reshot for 2:00
    Practice circling and your shots for 1:30

    Thats what my coach used to make us do in practice after warm ups.

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