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Discuss Creating offense at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; On my feet i have troubles creating offense. I mostly score from slidebys(When he collar ...
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    On my feet i have troubles creating offense. I mostly score from slidebys(When he collar ties), arm drags(If he posts on my shoulder), front headlocks(Off his shot or a snap), and russians(If i can get it) but when i cant get to these i struggle. I have a good shot but i lack good set ups which hurts me against tough competition. What set ups do you use and how do you string them together?

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    I use ahead snap to underhook. snap the head with your right hand once or twice, then pull it down really hard so he has to fight to come up, throw in your underhook on the left side. then i just drop to my single. thats my favorite next to a russian snatch single

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    My advice is to find a setup that you like and stick with it. But also know other setups incase your opponent is very familiar with that setup.

    I like to get a tight collar tie with my right hand and have control of his shoulder with my left hand. Then, we just have a hand fight pushing each other back and forth. When we are doing that, I like to look for an opening. Right when I see one, I will drop all my pressure on him while he is staggered forward and shoot for a high crotch single leg trip.

    I am working on an underhook snap like Laynerz is. I just need more practice with it.
    I sometimes get a collar tie and have his bicep or shoulder control. With that, I like to pressure his head with the collar tie and post his arm up as I go for a high crotch single leg trip.

    If he is tired and looks to put his arms around you for inside control, I just post both of him arms up and shoot.
    If I have both of his shoulders with inside control, I might just pop my arms up to make his arms go up too and shoot.

    There are many setups in wrestling. You need to find one that you like.

    Watch this, it is useful to me, so maybe it will be of use to you also.
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