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Thread: On leg or two?

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    Men On leg or two?

    Which in your opinion is more effective double leg ride or just a regular ride?

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    If you're talking about leg rides, I prefer one leg in because there are more moves that can be done off of it and you are less likely to be called for stalling or stopped for a stalemate if you know what to do on top.
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    I've coached quite a few wrestlers who used the double legs / crab ride with a power half. Two in particular had a lot of success with many pins and both placed at PA states.

    However, I firmly believe that it will only get you so far. Against a high quality wrestler with a lot of will and strength, all double legs/ power half will get you is a potentially dangerous call, a stalemate or a stalling call.

    Eventually, you need to let at least one leg out and come out to the side to work for points or a pin.

    Also, having a room full of crab riders gets you a room full of practice partners with hurting lower backs, sore necks and sore shoulders.

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