Ok, so this year at districts the first kid i wrestled was an undefeated freshman ranked first in the state for 125 weight class. He pinned me in the 2nd round, then went on to win districts, and just won regions with 2 pins, then a match ending 21-7 and the last match 12-2. This kid is just way out of my league. There is no way i will beat him, but i need to make him work next year. What do I do? I have studied his wrestling and notice only 1 hole in his game which is getting snaped down, but even with that he hasnt even gotten taken down yet. In the off season i will be doing practices at least 2 times a week, joining judo and "chinese wrestling"(some type of kung fu) and jiu jitsu, working out like crazy, mma, and more practices (some of which will be at his school with him. I was also looking for greco roman and freesyle wrestling but dont know where i can find it. I will be working year round but I need to know everything that could help. Is there anything else i can do?