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    Electric!! Looking to help coach

    My name is Clint Toler, Im 23, and i recently just moved to Villa Ridge Mo, i wrestled in High School and College in Tn and currently fight MMA, i was wondering if any high schools would let me come and help out and get some time on a mat, I was a semi finalist in Tn in High school and won my conferance in College, so i can help out or atleast just give some of the guys on the team some good competition , let me know if any high schools are interested, Some that i live near are Washington high school, Eureka High School, Pacific High School, I also dont care if i get paid or not, just wanting to help

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    If I were you I'd just go out to the individual high schools and talk with the coaches. Much quicker and more efficient than posting here if you ask me. Good luck though!

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    I'd track down the school's site (wrestling or school's main page).

    Find the High School coach and email him (or call.)

    They will, in all likelihood, welcome you with open arms.

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