Hello i am a 160 pound 2nd year sophomore JV wrestler. I would have been varsity this year but i was out after the first tournament for 7 weeks with a shoulder injury. I am a long and lanky wrestler, so i have a question.

Next year i want to wrestle 171, i have a guaranteed varsity spot and i believe i will go to state. My biggest concern is filling my body out. I'm tired of being long and lanky. Is it possible to fill my body out for 171 over the spring and summer with just lifting and protein shakes? I would prefer to fill out with muscle. I'm 6'0" and maybe 1/2 inch at most. I believe i am done growing because i havent grown more than an inch in the past 2 years, unless it is just tiny gains of height at a time. That being said is it possibly to fill out and not be as long and lanky by next year?