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    My kid is a freshman on a wrestling team in Penn. He started off on varsity (we have only had one scrimmage so far) but a couple of days ago the coach told him he will have to wrestle up to 171 for this week. He won his varsity spot at 145.

    A little background: The coach has two kids (one soph and one junior) that wrestle at 135 and 140. He also has a favorite senior that had a wrestle-off with his 135 kid and lost. Now the coach intends to bump the senior up to my kids weight class and move my kid to 170. He refused to let my kid wrestle off for the 145 spot.
    My kid could wrestle any of the three weight classes and beat any of the three kids, but wrestling up to 171 seems like too much of a leap.
    What should he do?

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    If he weighs 152 or less, it's against the rules to have him wrestle at 171. A wrestler can only wrestle one weight class higher than the one he qualifies for (Rule 4, Section 4, Article 2 - page 19). If he weighs more than 152, it's the coach's call. If you disagree with his decision, talk to him and decide if he is being unfair or he is doing what he feels is best for the team.
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    hay i he could beet the lighter won he just might be able to!

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    If your son is able to beat any/all of them the weight class he wrestles for individual state is ultimately his decision- the coach certainly cannot say "no wrestle-off". In duals it'd be the coaches decision, but wrestling up from 145 to 160+ isn't safe unless he is very dominant.

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    Here in FL you are only allowed to go up one weight class from what you qualify to wrestle. So if your son weighs under 145 he could only wrestle 145 or 152. Does your state have that rule?

    I would ask your son to meet with the coach and get his reasoning on the moves. If your son feels that he is just favoring his son over other kids then it would be time for you to get involved. I would be concerned about not allowing the kids to wrestle off for spots.

    Our coach has all kids in weight classes with multiple wrestlers wrestle off for a spot and then the losers of those wrestle offs can challenge the person who won the wrestle off for the weight class above them to see if they can win that weight class. To me it's the only fair way to determine the varsity starter.

    I know some coaches waive wrestle offs for seniors who have been on the team for 3 or 4 years.

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    "I know some coaches waive wrestle offs for seniors who have been on the team for 3 or 4 years." This seems to be the case in our instance as well.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    I would talk to the school's athletic director to see what he feels about the matter after you tell him the story and more than likely he would get in to the matter. I belive that he will do something about it.

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    That kind of jump in weight class wouldn't do any good to his competition. It will actually put him at an immense disadvantage.
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