So I am a high school junior, 3 year wrestler. My first 2 years were pretty bad coaching and my record showed (13-5 JV year 1, 19-15 Varsity year 2). I am 30-5 as of now at 135 lbs. I am not the biggest 135 lber and I cut 1-2 lbs to make weight. I have 11 days until districts, and I am worried. 135 for me at districts is not bad (only kid that will give me trouble is in district finals, lost to him twice but I think I can beat him), but 135 at regionals is STACKED with good kids. 3 state ranked kids, myself, and the kid who beat me. Worst case scenario I take 2nd at districts, best I win (very likely). Regionals i'd imagine I have an easy first round, difficult second round, and from there it gets complicated.

At 130 for districts, there are 2 kids ahead of me. Both are state qualifiers and county champions. I wrestled one of them and was beating him 4-0 first period until I got headlocked and pinned. Taking 3rd at districts would make regionals much much harder for me, and at 130 there are 5 state qualifiers in the division. I was considering dropping but 35 seems easier, but if I take 3rd or god forbid 4th at districts at 130, i'm screwed.

Now my real questions;

1. How should I train? I have been waking up at 6am and running 2 miles before school every other day, then having practice, and having a small drilling session on my own mat (it's 10x10).

2. How can I mentally prepare before matches? I am having a bit of difficulty preparing.

I am so focused on making states, if I don't make it I don't know what I would do. Would I even be able to function anymore? I don't think so. It would feel so bad, especially when i've worked so hard this year and offseason going to tournaments and doing greco/freestyle, giving it all I got at every practice, running and doing things on my own time, it would suck. =/

Please help me. Making states means everything to me.