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Thread: i need an advantage

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    Idea i need an advantage

    Okay, im a freshmen wrestling at 140 and im 5 7 and a half. Everyone in my weight class is either second year or above and is much better than me. I have longer limbs than all those kids so can some one tell me a basic defensive skill besides sprawling that can give me an upperhand?

    (P.S. i have a meet next Friday so i need advice ASAP and plz dont tell me to drop down a weigh class)

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    Default Re: i need an advantage

    long legs=leg rides

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    Default Re: i need an advantage

    Long arms = cradles. After you lock up, pull your elbows together to tighten it up.
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    Default ok look

    Ok look i know i am a girl but i Know Jordan Blanton and he is one of the best wrestlers i know. the way he got though his problems was just stick with you gut. that is how he became very famous he did not go around asking outher people for moves.

    right me back
    o and look up Jordan Blanton

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    if you have long arms and legs try knee or ankle picks and the cross body ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrestler125 View Post
    if you have long arms and legs try knee or ankle picks and the cross body ride
    Knee picks?
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    Knee picks are like ankle picks they just involve... picking the knee instead of the ankle. If you can pull make it work for you though, I would definitely go for the ankle picks--you get better leverage and it's easier to hang on once you actually grab ahold.

    You asked for a defensive skill... If you have long arms, you can use them to post your opponent's head as a first line of defense. If you can get good at controlling peoples' heads with one arm, you will be able to slow just about anyone's offense down.

    However, don't let that become your style/strategy; it will not help you score (probably), but it will help you slow people down until you develop your offense more. Whenever you get someone that likes to move a lot, if you can keep a hand on their head and not let them get control of that hand, you can neutralize them a lot. Watch for arm drags, though.
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    leg rides????

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    Just wrestle like Nick Simmons. You lucked out and got his body type, so use it!
    Lets go Brent!

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