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Thread: I don't know if I want to continue...

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    I don’t think there is any sport more difficult than wrestling to try to keep going when your heart is no longer in the sport. The love of wrestling keeps you going through the physical and mental pounding that is required to shape a wrestler. I honestly do not believe someone can “just go through the motions” in wrestling. “The motions” are too hard. If you no longer love the sport, you are probably better off out of it.
    Having said that, remember that quitting is easy, and it is habit-forming. Quit now, because things are tough, and it will be even easier to quit the next time you are faced with obstacles. And easier the time after that. Stay with it, fight through the tough times, take the rewards the sport offers in self confidence and real self esteem, and you have the tools to stay the course when faced with difficulties.
    When you talk to members of the various elite military forces; Special Forces, SEALS, Delta Force, Air Force Commandos, etc., it is amazing how many were high school wrestlers. They will tell you that wrestling gave them the mental strength to get through the tough physical training regimen required to be elite.

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    Well, as a strength coach for 10 years having worked with high school, college, and Olympic wrestlers, I have heard your story before. There is only one thing I can tell you: It is your life and your decision alone. But remember, you have to live with that decision forever. Sport is difficult, and the rewards have to be earned for they are not simply given. The pat on the back and the medal are given but are not rewards. The accomplishment and the pride in doing something beyond your normal self are the rewards, but if you cannot see them as such, then it may not be for you. Sleep on it a bit, and after Christmas ask yourself if you want continue to work at something bigger than yourself, or move on.

    You only get one life to live. Its your choice what you do with it.

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    Well said, coach.

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