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The state tournament in your area is coming up fast and we?re putting together a tutorial of little tips & tricks that might come in handy at your trip to state or the preliminary tournaments (districts, regions, sections, etc?) for your particular state.

Let?s just dive right in.* The first in the series will cover how to get the referee on your good side and get inside your opponent?s head.

  1. Hustle back to the center. Your opponent will likely walk back to the center.* Get in the habit of showing you are not tired to your opponent.* Keep your hands off your side and off your head.* Jog back to the center.* Not only will your opponent begin to think:* ?This guy isn?t slowing down?, but the referee will appreciate your hustle.
  2. Force your opponent to go out of bounds first. When you?re on the edge and wrestling begins to slow down don?t be the one to back out.* Circle towards the center and shoot your opponent out of bounds.** Hitting an ankle pick at the edge and dragging your feet for two might even work.* Shots you know won?t score but will force your opponent to flee or defend make you loo more active and waste little energy.
  3. Mention it, politely. Most wrestlers and coaches are afraid to point out issues during a match.* If your opponent is grabbing your headgear, politely explain the situation to the referee as your heading back to the center of the mat.* Begin the comment with ?Respectfully, Sir, my opponent is grabbing my headgear to defend shots?. The referee will be on the look out and if your opponent hears you, he?ll be a lot less likely to try it again.* Always be respectful to a referee.