I'm a junior in high school and this is my first year wrestling. I have a varsity record of 4-16 (counting 4 bye's ) and a junior varsity record of 1-4. I'm in the 125lb weight class for my school's varsity team and I've been working really hard to try and push out some wins on varsity since I know most of the people on varsity from other schools have at least 2+ years of experience, and I'm a first year wrestler. So with my record not being as good as I'd like it to be, my coach gave me a shot at junior varsity this weekend and bumped me down to JV for this weekends tournament. Can you critique these two matches so I can know what to work on. Sorry about the quality too I recorded from an HTC cell phone, its the best camera I've got.

This is my 3rd Match. I fought really hard but I got caught in a pin when I accidentally went to my back for a split second.

This is my 5th and last match of the day. I got the win in this match but I (and I'm pretty sure the other guy was too) was sore and tired as h*#! from my weight lifting, running, and 4 previous matches.

Critique as much and as best as possible. TYVM