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Thread: Pre-match ritual?

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    Idea Pre-match ritual?

    sometimes i just dont get pump up before a match, even though I listening to my ipod, i start to warm up 2 matches before me, work shots for a little. Whats your pre-match ritual? maybe it can help me out a little

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    Default Re: Pre-match ritual?

    for me it all depends on how my opponet looks and wat i no about him...
    if he is saposed to b really good then i listen to insain pump up music for about 8 matches b4(if its a tourney and thr r that many), and ill start doing sprints about 5 matches till, then ill do high kicks and diferent streches that involve moving, then the once the match b4 mine starts i take off warm ups and stand on the outside of the mat jumping around and shaking my arms out, while either listening to music or with my head gear, staring at my opponet and pointing out every little detail about him that i hate and just let it go through my mind over and over getting fired up.
    is he isnt that good(like i somhow lose my varsity spot for the week or somthin) then i will warm up 2 matches b4 doing a little sprints and steching while moving while listening to my ipod, then wen the match is really soon(like third period of match b4 mine) i take off warm ups and put on head gear and jump around shaking my arms out trying to stay relaxed so that i dont do anything stupid and am very attentative during the match.

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    Default Re: Pre-match ritual?

    My last match was saturday and i was getting pumped and jumpy for a while but in the match for reason i was still jumpy which isnt my usual style and kinda costed me my match
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    Default Re: Pre-match ritual?

    my coach just tells me to jump around a few matches before mine

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    Default Re: Pre-match ritual?

    im thinking about getting a jump rope so i can jump rope so i can warm up before my match

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