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Thread: heavy weight moves

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    Does anybody know any heavy weight moves for me i weigh 250,I a freshman second year wrestler can you show me video if you have please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperHeavyWeightCamp View Post
    Does anybody know any heavy weight moves for me i weigh 250,I a freshman second year wrestler can you show me video if you have please.
    You have come to right place, this forum is full of fatguy's. As a freshman Heavy if you're wrestling varsity you will face alot of men 18 and 250+. Fundamentals are the key. If you are wrestling J.V.'s you progression is to work hard and use the moves you learn each week. If you are on varsity your job maybe not to get pinned and keeping it close until you can score late and win the match. The most important aspect for a young Heavy is to keep inside control when on your feet. Most High School Heavy's do not have the skill level to score without inside control. Second never take bottom until you have work on it enough to believe you can get away everytime. Most heavy's get pinned from the bottom or thrown standing when the give up inside control. Remember the 5 H's of heavy wrestling

    Head=Control your opponents head ( where it goes the body will follow)
    Hands=Control his/her hands( if he cant get a hold of you he cant score)
    Hips=Control their hips ( keep them on the mat and they can't get away)
    Hustle=The heavy who outworks his oppontent usually wins.
    Heart= Being a heavy hurts you will be put in situations when you want to give up, don't because once you quit it is a hard habit to stop.
    Wrestle year round most heavy's get caught up with football and when the offseason comes they think of football but as a heavy you grow twice as fast in freestyle. Time makes everyone better unless your an old guy

    There is a Ex-Heavy on this forum named MOJO he can give you better advise than I can he was a NCAA Champ. Pan-American game Gold Medal winner and Olympic alternate more than once. So if you asked I'm sure brother MOJO will help you.
    Good Luck

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    Thanks for the help I really apprecaite it since Im a heavy aswell
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    -develop good fast footwork; fast feet will open up offensive chances and get you out of alot of trouble

    -be in better shape than anyone else.As a fat guy the 3rd/ot is about heart and condition more than skill and moves

    -work the under hook series(drop to single,runnin single/knee pick and throw by)

    -learn the russian tie or 2 on 1 series; this with fast feet works well plus its easy to transition from under hooks to 2 on 1 for good chain wrestling.Also the best way to stall because it looks like you doin something

    -from the clinch; work the shuck by, snatch single

    some good instructional videos

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    Definitely work to dominate your hooks--over, under, and mixed. You can work so much from the hooks against heavyweights.

    If you have good explosive power from your legs, a head-in-the-chest single can be an incredible asset.

    But the single greatest thing you can do to prepare as a heavyweight is to have great endurance. It is pretty rare to see a heavyweight (one that isnt a small heavyweight) who can keep working things through the 3rd period and overtime. If you can keep pressure on during those times and work some offense (even if your repertoire is limited), you have an incredible advantage over the vast majority of high school heavyweights.
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    How do you develop fast footwork?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grecowrestler13 View Post
    How do you develop fast footwork?
    work with speed ladder and jump rope

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    Head shuck and snatch single are great suggestions.

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    Heavyweights tend not to move all that quickly, and they really don't like having the weight of another 250 lb heavyweight crashing down on top of them. Any attack where you don't end up having to bear the weight of your opponent is good. Snatch singles, blast doubles, arm drags are all good. Heavyweights also tend to tie up a lot so body locks, bear hugs, and low risk throws like headlocks and arm throws are good ones as well.

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