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    hey everyone im josh and im a varsity heavyweight wrestler i am a sophmore and weigh 285, i just started wresling 2 years ago, and for the most part i was pretty successful but now wrestling as a varsity heavyweight im doing pretty damn awful and im always hitting my moves and i have decent technique, any ideas on how to be more successful? anything will help

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    ok, well first of all i am not even close to 285 as i am varsety 125, but seeing how no1 has commented ill throw in my bit, and from what iv seen 285 is a diferent weight class then most, first of all what body type r u? tall buff, short chubby or what inbetween? and the thing about 285 is it is soo much higher than the other weight classes that u wont b able to wrestler som1 with the heavyweight strength that u need so instead u should wrestle aggainst really speedy wrestlers, cause even if u rnt as strong as others in ur weight class if u get used to wrestling faster opponets then u should do really well and get faster yourself, also keep working on techneque, it can always b improved, what type of moves do u run? throw legs? armbars? cross wrist? also if u can get your shots down u could b a force to b wreckened with esspecially at 285 cause most iv seen tie up and snap down rather than take shots without tieing up

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    Here are a couple videos to watch for techniques. Just keep working a couple moves and perfect them!


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    im short and chubby but im strong and i am slow, i like to use trips and hip tosses, on the mat all i really know is a half , turk, and nee collapse

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