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    Default Wrestling Music

    You can post your favorite Youtube videos of your favorite wrestling songs here... just post the URL to the video and the video will magically appear in your post.

    Enter Sandman

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    Nothing like warming up for a tournament to Slayer

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    Warmed up to this song before every dual meet.
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    Atrophy: what you get when you win atournament.

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    Default Re: Wrestling Music n $hit

    Old new again...

    No sympathy whatsoever...perfect 4 competing...

    Middle-aged school....

    Classic Chrissie Hynde @ 2:56

    New School

    Overcoming overwhelm....
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    Hollywood Undead- City
    any Linkin Park songs. Three Days Grace, Metallica.

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    VH Unchained

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    personal favs that I play during live wrestling for my wrestlers

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