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    whats your opinion on wrestling sick? i've been sick (throwing up, fever, body aches) for the past few days and wrestled a varsity duel today and got pinned in the second period. didn't seem like i had any strength, and i have a tournament tomorrow where i would have to wrestle 5 matches friday and 5 on saturday, but if i'm not sure if i should just tough it out or sit this one out? kind of dehydrated also, i'm 5' 11" and wrestle 125s so I have to cut 3 - 5lbs water weight, and its all kidn of taking its toll. if you were in my shoes, what would you do?


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    You're going to be all but useless cutting weight and sick. Your coach should know that if your honest with him. Plus, you wont get healthy if you arent eating. Also getting the 10 guys you're going to wrestle sick(and your practice partners) isnt the best idea either.
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    thats what i was thinking, but wanted to make sure. i feel bad for letting down my team but i'd rather not get them all sick and i let my coach know after our duel today. thansk for the quick response

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    It's december. Be your best for post season, dont get yourself sick enough that you wont be well by then.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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