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    Hey guys,
    So the other day i had my first scrimage. We were supposed to get as many takedowns as we could. As embarrassed as I am i didnt get to many takedowns. From each position I felt like i was horrible. I think almost everyone there was better than me. I felt like no matter how hard I tried, I still sucked. Tomorrow I have my first j.v. match, and I do not think I will do very well. I am not sure about how to prepare or how to get better, or atleast on the level of the others at the scrimage.

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    Now is that the right way to think about it.

    Did you try your hardest?
    Did you work to your best?

    With that attitude I dont think you will win either, but if you change that attitude around into a postive then and only then will you have a chance at winning.

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    You get better by starting where you are ,setting small, ATTAINABLE goals and meeting each goal. That may mean you won't win right away, but if you set small goals and meet each goal you set you will get better.

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    well, today at the j.v match i lost my first match, I had a good short offense and then he shot, I spraed...but I didnt spin fast enough he was able to get up, get on top of me and pin me....the second match I won...i accidently put in a full nelson, and got called for it, but he was down first, and i pinned him from there...

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