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Discuss Questions when opponent is on top of you and you are on your belly at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Is it better to be on my belly on my knees to be in a ...
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    Default Questions when opponent is on top of you and you are on your belly

    Is it better to be on my belly on my knees to be in a bowing/kneeling position or just full body on the mat?

    I know pin move defenses, but how can I get up when the guy is on top of me? I know the basic stand up, but sometimes I am not strong enough to stand up and am pulled back down, sometimes on my back.

    What should I do when I go for a takedown, but the guy sprawls and has his chest and hands on top of my upper body and head, but I still have hand control on one of his legs? Should I hold on, or try to stand up, or other?

    Can you "spear" the opponent legally by charging at him and grabbing his waist while still charging and hopefully land him on his back?

    How can I prevent the opponent from getting my leg in control to do a cradle or help roll me over while locking in the half nelson pin? I don't seem be able to stay on my belly when he has my leg and the half nelson.

    How do I escape a on the mat headlock? We haven't learned how to escape that and I am helpless when my partner gets me in that.

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    Default Re: Questions when opponent is on top of you and you are on your belly

    1. if u r fully bellied down, the best way to get to ur base is putting 1 hip down, the knee thats on top bent and up a little, then slideing ur bottom knee under and rotate up, then from there just do a standup or grandy, the key to getting off the bottom is just being explosive.

    2. its all circumstance, but if u dont let go of the leg u have a bunch of options to get back ontop, one is pulling his knee to the mat (of the leg u have), put ur forearm on the mat, ur head over ur forearm and go into a tripod, then spin around his body(the direction of the leg u have), cover that ankle with ur knee and reach to the far thigh and drive him down. Another is if u cant spin u pop the knee up and kneeslide across his body(head up chest up), then switch to the double and drive. Another is ifhe completely covers ur head inbetween his legs, ur grab the back of both of his knees, tripod, then drive ur knees to ur chest and pop him up, put one leg up, then with that same arm slip through his legs and rotate.

    3.u could spear but it would b a terrible idea cause it can go badly for u and even if it worked he would most likely land outsid the circle. One thing u can do is the High C tho, u do a setup(like snaping the head down a little then when he pops back up u exicute the move), then push ur forehead into his chest lowering ur level a little) grab the back of his knees and drive through while pulling the knees.

    4. the best defense for cradles is just notice when the opponent is going to do it, but once they lock their hands u can lock ur ankles together and try to mule kick out, and somthing new i was told is if the kid is trying to do a bow and arrow cradle u just pop the outside leg up and knee slide through his arm and grab the back(works perfectly), as for staying on ur belly after cradled u just have to try and balence ur weight, but somthing that works somtimes(not recomended) is right wen they go to roll u ovr and ur flexible, just fold ur body, head to knee and pop out. When ur in the half nelson, u throw ur elbow down to ur side, look up and away from the hand and rip the opponents hand off ur head, i also like putting the opposite side knee up to prevent being rolled ovr, just b carful for if they dicky u back ovr. And if u get rolled ovr in a half all u can really do is back bridge and spin to ur belly and fight the pin.

    5. when in a headlock thr is a series to get out, first defense is just put ur shoulders up as high as u can wen standing and duck the arm, second is if they get it u lock ur hands around his hips and keep him tight, then wen u go down roll him ovr so that u r ontop and possibly pinning him, third is if u get taken down, then u run ur legs to his, rap urs around his top leg, squeeze his waist in and roll him ovr so that he is being pinned, last is if u cant get ur legs to his cause he keeps walking towards the head, in this case u just have to fight to belly down(it wont b easy and will b painful)

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    Default Re: Questions when opponent is on top of you and you are on your belly

    when your on bottom always try to get back to base and pull ur elbows in. base means on ur knees like refs position. also when you take a shot and have a leg, try to drive and get up from your knees. never just stand up, always drive. and yes you can "spear" but it wont work as good as a real shot, i wouldnt recommend it.

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