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Discuss "belly it out" and other questions at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Today, i lost my second wrestle off match for varisty. Last time because I just ...
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    Default "belly it out" and other questions

    Today, i lost my second wrestle off match for varisty. Last time because I just froze and got pinned. This time, it was 19-4 and my opponent won by technical superiority or something. They say its because I was on my back too much and I should get to my belly so they can't score points. But when im on my belly, I am prone to things like the half nelson and cradle and crossface cradle. I guess on my belly is better than giving them back points, but what should I do on my belly? I usually try to stand up, but I am not strong enough or too tired and I am pushed down to my back.

    So what should I do on my belly to standup or reverse for points?

    Is there a good way to save energy during a match? because it makes me very tired and I am working hard on sprints and stairs and jogs like our coach tells us to
    We learned to pry our opponents fingers off to escape the half nelson, but if I am giving a half nelson, how can i prevent them from prying off my fingers?

    Do southpaw wrestlers have an advantage on shooting because they dont have to take a larger step than orthodox? I am somewhat ambidextrous, so I am thinking switching my stance from orthodox to southpaw whenever I am about to shoot. It won't be so obvious because I am not going to shoot right away.

    Also, is it illegal to scream in a high pitch right before going for a takedown for the first time to knock their balance out or randomly during the match just to annoy him/her?


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    Default Re: "belly it out" and other questions

    Just work hard. Do not worry about the points or your opponent.

    Wrestle with technique and mental power... If you are prone to things work on them, do not just call out your impurities and hope for people on the forum to fix it. You are always trying to get on to your opponent and be dominant. Then you will win your match.

    As for stance and shoots, look at the technique videos on here which are really helpful.

    But first work on your flaws before jumping the gun.

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    Default Re: "belly it out" and other questions

    Keep your elbows in and always work to your base, and as soon as you get based, look for stand ups or switches.

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