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    How often are you guys having to deal with injuries while wrestling in high school? So far this year I've had guys having to deal with sprained ankles and wrists. Nothing serious so far thankfully.

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    Nothing really right now, just soreness.

    Last year I tore my trapezous.

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    Last year I broke my arm in two places.
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    Torn my right knee meniscus and left elbow UCL

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    well in my experince in wrestling. No one is a 100% everyone has to have some kind of injury in the past or is suffering from it now. But I guess thats where toughness comes in and thats something that cant be tought. So I guess if your still wrestling then your a warrior haha and my favorite just think of them as battle scares.

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    Herniated disk. Give me anything else, please god. I haven't wrestled in a month and I missed alpha because of it.

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    Nothing serious right now, but I had a tournament two weeks ago and a kid broke his leg.

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    broken thumb
    not to bad i suppose, just tape it up and try to grip best i can

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