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Thread: New to Wrestling and I have a few questions?

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    Electric!! New to Wrestling and I have a few questions?

    1. I practice so hard during practice but that same performance doesn't come out on the actual mat during a match, and my record is 2-7. Why is that?

    2. I started my junior year. Is it too late for me to be any good? Like if I train as hard as possible and beyond, can I make it to state next year, or is it to late for me?

    3. What should I do to condition myself for the matches because I do the jogs around my school with my team and the 1 min > 45 sec > 30 sec > 15 second sprint everyday with my team but I get tired on the mat after the first round. Should I be sprinting more or jogging more after practice?

    4. I'm 125lb weight class and the guys I wrestle seem weak to me, should I keep up with my body building workout (b/c I gained 15lbs over the semister before wrestling) or start a strength workout?

    5. If I don't have a wrestling mat at home, just hard floor, what things can I practice at home so that I can get better at the technique?

    6. What should I eat after I weigh in? I bought some oreos, cheetos, chewy bars, nature valley crunchy granola bars, lots of peanut butter, and lots of powerade. Is there anything I should keep buying, stop buying or should buy to take with myself to matches and tournaments?

    Feel free to answer any of these questions if you can, thanks

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    1. Keep practicing hard because it pays off over time, you work your ass off you'll start to notice the rapid improvement in practice, be sure to find the best guys in the room to practice with, those are the ones who will help you learn when they beat you up.

    2. Of course not, it's never too late, especially if you're willing to work hard.

    3. The best way to get in wrestling shape is to wrestle live, but sprint workouts are good too.

    4. I would say do a strength workout, but if you're bodybuilding one works for you stick to it, unless weight starts to become an issue.

    5. On hard floors you can work stance motion, and some bottom work, like standups.

    6. After weigh ins water, some powerade, peanut butter, granola bars are all good, drop the oreos and cheetos, those are terrible.

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    Default Re: New to Wrestling and I have a few questions?

    Yeah I went VERY hard in practice today and I plan on doing that everyday. I lapped everyone in sprints 2x and I have just been very agressive with my wrestling partners. I choose people who have 1+ year experience on me and are at least 10+ heavier (135+) so that when I wrestle the 125 guys they'll feel a little easier. And yeah coach only lets us go live about 3-4x a week . But I take advantage of that and just go 110% on my partner and become very agrressive but keep my cool at the same time so I can think and analyze my situation I'm in quickly. And I started a strength workout today and I don't know why but I think I got stronger in a few hours because the guys heavier than me felt a tad bit lighter today . And I guess I'll just practice my stance in motion and bottom work like you said since I don't have a mat . But yeah I had a feeling that even though the oreos and cheetos taste good that they would be terrible for me.


    And if anyone else wants to pitch in their answers or tips for me I would greatly appreciate it

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    Default Re: New to Wrestling and I have a few questions?

    Good advice from cbwrestler10, except I'd definitely drop the bodybuilding workout in favor of a strength and endurance one. If you watch top international competition, most of the best wrestlers don't look like bodybuilders at all.
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    Default Re: New to Wrestling and I have a few questions?

    Yeah I noticed that the body building doesn't build my strength as fast as a strength training. So I'm going to go with strength training and endurance training in-season and 2 months before-season and body build during the off season.

    Thanks everyone I'm loving the community here

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