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Thread: losing body fat not just weight

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    Default losing body fat not just weight

    im tired of starving myself and dehydrating myself to make weight, can somebody help me out on body fat losing tips so i can be 100% during all my matches

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    Never skip breakfast. Try to eat small meals every 3 hrs. By eating often you will speed up your matabolism and burn fat. If you are starving yourself you will be burning muscle and holding on to your fat.

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    Its true. Also, there are certain foods that are just better for you in terms of burning fat.

    Good foods include: Yogurt, whole grain bread (wheat, brown color, etc), pretzels, fruit, vegetables, chicken, most lean meats, cereal (whole grain again), peanut butter. These are just general guidelines here, these are by no means all the foods good for cutting down on your body fat percentage. You also want to eat foods with a lot of protein.

    Bad: White breads & pastas, most dairy products (besides yogurt ), candy, sodas, pizza, juices (if it has added sugar, usually easy to tell, but ideally 0 calories from liquids), jelly (separated from peanut butter ), cakes, pies, stuffing, ice cream. Just use common sense here guys, and use google if you aren't sure. Don't NEVER eat these foods, just use moderation and have it every once in a while. Hell, go crazy one night and eat pasta .

    Diet is going to be a huge factor in you losing weight, and its best done weeks in advance, so start now before matches start. And as a general rule of thumb, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep, otherwise you will be hindered.

    P.S. Snack during the day. I eat three 900 calorie meals a day along with three 300 calorie snacks, but that's just for me. I'm not recommending you eat over 3000 calories a day, but you catch my drift.

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    Default Re: losing body fat not just weight

    I know I didn't ask the question, but thanks for the advice!
    veo estado campeonato en mi futro.....

    (i see a state championship in my future)

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