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    I get nervous as hell before my matches. I mean nervous to the point where I'm like, "hey, why am I putting this much stress and pressure on myself". I hate warming up and waiting for my matches to begin, I hate looking over to see my opponent warming up (they're usually a lot bigger and stronger than me), and this nervousness has a big negative impact on my match performance.

    What can I do to counter nerves as bad as these?

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    Get in the hallway or some other place where you and your opponent do not have to watch each other.

    Once your in a place where you can think, plan out the match in your mind.

    Think through your go to moves, how you will set them up, and how you will take advantage of his weaknesses.

    Focus on your breathing, spend time taking deep breaths and just try to enjoy the fact that when you go out there, everyone will be watching you dismantle him.

    You practice all week for that match, so think of it as a release for all of the hard work you put in. If you're working hard all week, everything you've been practicing should be running through your mind- spend that pre-match warm up planning your attacks and how you are going to show off your new and improved skills to the rest of the people in the gym.

    His physique is going to make him over confident, but you can't let it have the opposite effect on you. Your technique will win every time if you are more skilled than him.

    on a lighter note (although a perfect example of 'technique over braun'...

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    I just go in there with the mentality that I've worked so hard and I do not care how big the person looks. I think to myself, I've done this before, so this feeling is nothing new, get over it. Breathe, relax, don't think of it as a match, but as a practice, but YOU WILL RIP THIS PERSON APART at the same time. You'll do fine.

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