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    I'm a pretty big guy but I'm light for my weight. I shoot a lot of low levels to compensate for that, but I have trouble getting to the legs off the tie. I wrestle in the 215 weight class and when I watch the successful people in my weight, they are getting to a lot of high singles/snatch singles right off of the tie. I've been working my Russian using the Mocco Russian series, but I haven't had much success with it when we go live in practice (then again, I really started looking at it in depth just a week ago).

    So any advice for getting to the legs off a tie for a big guy (and subsequently avoiding your opponent's sprawl)?

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    Work your underhook series...hoist that underhook or as I say, Shot put the arm...then drop down on a High Single...or, go to the far leg/knee off of the same set up.

    Also, use the underhook to push/pull into a sweep.

    I have lots more but no time.

    Good luck.

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    Heavyweights tend to lean in and push a lot.

    Cael Sanderson was really good at using their own force against them, by snapping them down when they push forward. Once off balance and falling somewhat forward, he would then hit them with sweep singles after the snap.

    It would be a very effective way to get to the legs easily of big guys.
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