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Thread: Getting over losses?

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    So, looking back on my previous matches, I realized I could have been undefeated. I know I'm a better wrestler than the guys I've wrestled so far. Why do I do so much better in practice than in a regular match? Could it be a lack of heart? I've worked my butt off but I don't know why my performance has been poor in matches. How can I move on and forget about the losses?

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    1. Get somebody to video your matches so that you can go over them and analyze what is going on.
    2. Talk to your coach. That is what is is there for.
    3. Keep in mind that most wrestlers start off losing a lot. Paying your dues is just part of the game. The losses should give you information on what part of your game you need to improve. Use them as learning experiences.
    Good Luck!

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    in my last meet i had the same problem u r talking about, and honestly M Richrdson has it dead on, i had the exact same problem u r talking about, and i lost a match in overtime, every1 said the ref screwed me but i deserved the loss because i shoulda had the pin after my first takedown anyways. But anyways i talked to my coach about it along with my team mates and watched the match 4 times now, i really think it helps, and richardsons #3 is right on too, i use my lost matches to launch me into the nxt 1 and fire me up before matches

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